I am teaching..
Codeteacher (36)

Hi everyone,

I am making a team where I teach coding!

Languges I Can/will Teach:

1. python
2. html
3. CSS
4. JS/node.js
5. java


If you are a coder, and you didnt code in our team, within 24hrs we will remove you!

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Codeteacher (36)

Its Final ...

Everyone I pinged bellow are in the team:

@NDLFOREVER , @amaddentcsec , @LTI2 , @Leroy01010
@Pelikan760 , @JosephSanthosh , @Lethdev2019 , @hendryxu ,

All teacher/learners should go to the team, and select the Getting Started repl

We are not accepting anymore learners or teachers

Our teachers:

@Lethdev2019 , @JosephSanthosh , @amaddentcsec , @Codeteacher

k9chelsea2 (706)

wait can I also help teach html and css?

Codeteacher (36)

sorry we have to many teachers @NDLFOREVER

k9chelsea2 (706)

I can still help tho right (just answer some questions if teachers are not online_

Codeteacher (36)

still waiting for, @JosephSanthosh , @Leroy01010 , @PPelikan760 , and @hendryxu . To get on the repl

JosephSanthosh (1195)

@Codeteacher Sorry I live in Los Angeles and there was fire near my house so I couldn't join until the fire was put down because we almost had to evacuate.

Codeteacher (36)

your welcome, I hope everyone is safe!

Leroy01010 (382)

i couldn't get on the repl because of too many notifs @Codeteacher