Wildest programming language idea
amasad (3034)

What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones.


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SixBeeps (3521)

I've been thinking about making a language entirely in Spanish, so you could end up with something like this:

público entero[] x = [1, 2, 7, 3]
por-cada i en x {
DynamicSquid (4532)

@SixBeeps the only Spanish I know is bonjour

SixBeeps (3521)

@DynamicSquid Wow, I'm impressed. Where'd you learn that from?

rediar (414)

@SixBeeps decent non-english programming languages are severly lacking... you should go for it

SixBeeps (3521)

@rediar Ah, but I should probably wait until I know more enough about compilers and all that jazz.

firefish (878)

@SixBeeps Just take code, run a search and replace for spanish keywords into english, et voilá I don't speak spanish sorry

xxpertHacker (649)

@SixBeeps I almost make a Spanish C++ transpiler.

ZDev1 (822)

@SixBeeps your bio is is chinese
Why you need it spanish?

Centslord (105)

@ZDev1 Bruh, that's Japanese

Wilke000 (504)

For some reason @SixBeeps, i just upvoted everybody's comments on this √√√√ check check and check

firefish (878)

@IndyCarter all I see is square root square root square root square root

firefish (878)

@IndyCarter √ is the square root symbol

firefish (878)

@SixBeeps but it square root
grilling apricots on a barbecue

firefish (878)

@Wilke000 The words grilling apricots on a barbecue is a meme. Have you not heard of it?

PattanAhmed (1363)

@DynamicSquid @SixBeeps Me too same,
I just know Bonjour of Spanish.
but trying to learn more :)

Daniel3210 (17)

Bonjour is French. Hola is Spanish. (I learn Both) @DynamicSquid @SixBeeps @PattanAhmed

JoeyRueff (26)

@SixBeeps, if you want to pursue translating a language into Spanish a lot of languages have something called "#define," which basically creates a variable that calls a function. For example "#define hand for" would define hand as a stand-in for "for."

SixBeeps (3521)

@JoeyRueff "A lot of languages" you mean just C/C++?

JoeyRueff (26)

@SixBeeps, yeah, I thought others might have something like #define, but I wasn't sure.

SixBeeps (3521)

@JoeyRueff Ah ok. Yeah, I could do something like that, but the Spanish idea is what I'd do if I ever need to make my own language.

LoganB2 (5)

@DynamicSquid oh cool you can speak in le baguette accent

Wilke000 (504)


^But then I found this^
Yes, I know I spelled @SixBeeps name wrong, lol

firefish (878)

@Wilke000 didn't realise what?!?!?

firefish (878)

@Wilke000 haha square root go brrrr

Wilke000 (504)

I didn't realize that I spelled @SixBeeps as SixBeebs @firefish