JS Assignment 13: Intro to Classes in Javascript
ReinierB (17)

I have tried so many version of getting the right answer but is not passing! I think the questions tend to be tricky that looks so simple or maybe they are not so well put. I am having an error.
It is ecpeted to be true " false. can somoen help here with some hints?
function ClassTwo(name, pw, mail){
// Exercise Two: Now that you have created your own class,
// you will create a class with a method on it.
// In this class create 4 properties: username, password, email, and checkPassword.
// Set the value of username to name,
// Set the value of password to pw,
// Set the value of email to mail
// Set the value of checkPassword to a function.
// The checkPassword function takes a string as it's only argument.
// Using the 'this' keyword check to see if the password on the class is the same as
// the string being passed in as the parameter. Return true or false.

this.username = name;
this.password = pw;
this.email = mail;
this.checkPassword = function() {
this.password === this.checkPassword;
return true;

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KevinFisher (0)

would you happen to know this one
// Function Two: Will be called 'calculator'.
// This function will take three parameters,
// First will be a callback function,
// Second and Third will be numbers.
// This function will return the two numbers passed into the callback function.
function calculator(multipy, num1, num2){
// NOTE: You can use the multiply function to test the calculator function, but understand that
// other callback functions will be passed into it as a test.
function multiply(){
return num1, num2;