JS Assignment 16: Using Callbacks in Array Methods
vkajdacsi (2)

I'm pretty much stuck at one of the last exercises at Lambda Pre-Course, JS assignment 16. Could anyone please give me any hints on what I'm doing wrong here?

RE: excerciseOne - I get the error message 'names' is not defined, although the array has been given. Also, putting the same code i wrote, in a different console (with the addition of creating an array called names of course) works perfectly! Is there an obvious point I'm missing here?

Please see the instructions and my solution below:

function exerciseOne(names){
// Exercise One: In this exercise you will be given and array called names.
// Using the forEach method and a callback as it's only argument, console log
// each of the names.

Thank you very much for any help in advance!

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vkajdacsi (2)

@JustARatherRidi I see that now and although it can be frustrating sometimes, I really begin to see the beauty of it! :)

I didn't see that link, but I'm taking a look at it now! Thank you all for the help, much appreciated!