JS Assignment 16: Using Callbacks in Array Methods
kkleiman90 (1)

I have gotten to the last exercise of the last assignment in the precourse work for Web Development for Lambda and I am stuck. I am relatively new to the world of programming and after spending two days trying to figure this out on my own, I need some help!

function exerciseTwo(cents){

// Exercise Two: In this exercise you will be given an array called 'cents'
// This array is a list of prices, but everything is in cents instead of dollars.
// Using the map method, divide every value by 100 and save it as a new array 'dollars'

// Please write your answer in the lines above.
return dollars;

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Answered by heyitsmarcus (287) [earned 5 cycles]
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heyitsmarcus (287)

@kkleiman90 I hope it made more sense for you after this. I can write a little problem for you and help you through it with map if you'd like?