JS Assignment 3
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Having trouble on Exercise 4 & 5


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vedprad1 (727)

Just a few simple changes:

Exercise Four:

  1. There should be a space between if and the partheses.
  2. There should not be a semicolon after the parentheses.
  3. You do not need another let inside the if block.
    Like This:
function exerciseFour(value) {
  let greaterThanFive = false;
  if (value > 5) {
    greaterThanFive = true;
  return greaterThanFive;

Exercise Five:

Well, you cannot use === for comparing strings. You have to use the equals() method. Like this:

function exerciseFive(name) {
  let isSondra = false;
  if (name.equals('Sondra')) {
    isSondra = true;
  return isSondra;

Sneaky Method: I don't know how your sytem grades your tests, but for both of these, there is a much faster way to do it:

function exerciseFour(value) {
  return value > 5;

function exerciseFive(name) {
  return name.equals('Sondra');

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