JS Assignment 4: Control Flow Continued
BrianTran2 (13)

Is anyone doing LambdaSchool JavaScript pretest because I have worked for 40 minutes and I can get question 3 from assignment 4 correct.

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ReinierB (11)

function exerciseThree(typeOfPizza){
let lovesPizza;
// In this exercise, you will be given a variable, it will be called: typeOfPizza
// You are also given another variable called: lovesPizza;
// Using an if/else statement assign lovesPizza to true if typeOfPizza is 'pepperoni', assign it to false if it is 'olives'
if(typeOfPizza === "pepperoni") {
return true
else {
return false

// Please write your answer in the line above.
return lovesPizza;

this works for me, but they make it seems so hard for no reason. There is no use of using "olives"