JS Assignment 5: For Loops
JerehlDyer (4)

What am I doing wrong here?

function exerciseTwo(){
let count = 0;
// In this exercise write your own for loop (you can look at the syntax above).
// It should loop 10 times.
// You are given a variable called: count .
// For each loop reassign count to the current value of count + 1 .
for( let count = 0; count <= 10; count++)
//Please write your answer in the line above.
return count;

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Answered by heyitsmarcus (309) [earned 5 cycles]
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patrickvmederos (1)

i dont understand. i watched the video posted at least 4 times and have no idea how i was supposed to figure this out without googling it.

edit: even after reading everything you guys took the time to write here, I still don't understand this at all. I am struggling significantly with learning this material, does anyone else find this very challenging? To me it seems like to everyone else in the world this stuff is common sense and a breeze to learn