JS Assignment 7: Arguments and Parameters
ReinierB (15)

JS Assignment 7: Arguments, I do not know what is going on, The console is printing what they asking for to be undefined, but I still get an error? im passing the second exercise, but not the first. It is a bug or am I doing something wrong that i cant see? i check stackflow some people were having the same problems without solutions.
// Exercise One:
// Step One: Create a function called 'parametersExercise'.
// Step Two: This function will need to take two parameters, call them 'param1' and 'param2'
// Step Three: The function should console log the second parameter.

function exerciseTwo(){
function sayMyName(parameter1){

// Continue below this line:
function parametersExercise(param1, param2) {


// Exercise Two:
// Step One create a variable called 'myName' and assign it the a string of your name.
// Step Two: Call the function called "sayMyName",passing the 'myName' variable as it's only argument.
// NOTE: You do NOT need to create the function (sayMyName), doing so will break the test.
// It has been created for you.
let myName = "Reinier";

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JwalyaOza (3)

@ReinierB. By the way if you do not mind.. I gotta have someone's guidance in order to finish the assignment as quick as possible...And I think you can help me. Actually despite of performing couple of codes I am not able to get the correct answer of any of the exercises of Js assignment 8.. and I have to finish it as fast as possible in order to continue further..So can you please help me to find the correct answer of the exercises in assignment 8.. I really need help. It's my humble request to you and also the one who are doing the same thing alongside...Please guide me