JS Newbie..Help
SeanChadwick (1)

function exerciseThree(str){
// In this exercise, you will be given a variable, it will be called: str
// On the next line create a variable called 'length' and using the length property assign the new variable to the length of str

// Please write your answer in the line above.
return length;

Can somebody help me please and thx you

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theangryepicbanana (1625)

We will not do it for you. If you don't understand part of it, then explain what it is so we can actually help you

SeanChadwick (1)


sorry so my answer was...

var length = 'Something';

When i ran tests it said
'length' should be the length of str

But i don't understand how to assign it to str

theangryepicbanana (1625)

@SeanChadwick well if you do var length = 'Something', that doesn't actually get the length of str. str is a variable that currently equals a string. knowing that, how would you just get the length of str?

JustARatherRidi (209)

@SeanChadwick Yup, you got it. Did you pass the tests?

abc3354 (223)

@SeanChadwick If @theangryepicbanana helped you, please mark his post as the answer ;)

Steven_The_GuyT (234)

@abc3354 @SeanChadwick or just mark mine! xd (don't do it)