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Java, Python, or C++?
MichelleA8 (2)

I'm just wondering what different people have to say, but I'm going to take a coding class in college next year. I have the option of taking Java, Python, or MS Visual C++ .NET. Which class should I take if I want to program certain things? (For example, "Take C++ if you want to program simulations, video games, and 3D software.")
I already have experience with C++ and Python by the way. Also, I'm taking a game programming with C++ class soon.

Answered by SPQR (407) [earned 5 cycles]
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SPQR (407)

I'm a bit biased but I'd go with C++ or Java. Probably C++ because you already have experience with it and because you plan on continuing to work with it anyway (and because of the other benefits of C++.) Otherwise I would've said Java, b/c it's portable and cross-platform and such. Python has its purposes but it doesn't really have a specialty so there aren't really any career options for Python.

mwilki7 (287)

There won't be much of a difference other than familiarizing yourself with the languages' quirks. They are all pretty much the same, especially when it comes to game development at the student level.

ash15khng (393)

Java is pretty powerful, and can be used for lots of stuff like GUIs, apps, and web servers (I just googled this don't roast me if I'm wrong)
Python is pretty easy to read (print() makes way more sense than System.out.println();), and can also be used for a lot of stuff, including GUIs, games, data science stuff, web applications and more.
C++ is fast and has many uses, including Operating Systems (Windows, macOS and Linux are made in C++) and browsers. (I googled all this too)