Java, Python, or C++?
MichelleA8 (2)

I'm just wondering what different people have to say, but I'm going to take a coding class in college next year. I have the option of taking Java, Python, or MS Visual C++ .NET. Which class should I take if I want to program certain things? (For example, "Take C++ if you want to program simulations, video games, and 3D software.")
I already have experience with C++ and Python by the way. Also, I'm taking a game programming with C++ class soon.

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SPQR (405)

I'm a bit biased but I'd go with C++ or Java. Probably C++ because you already have experience with it and because you plan on continuing to work with it anyway (and because of the other benefits of C++.) Otherwise I would've said Java, b/c it's portable and cross-platform and such. Python has its purposes but it doesn't really have a specialty so there aren't really any career options for Python.