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Java or C++??
MichelleA8 (3)

I want to take a programming class and have to either take Intro to Java or Intro to MS Visual C++ .NET. How can I decide? Would I be able to learn Java quickly if I master C++ first?
*I already have experience with C++ and would REALLY like to master it but I'm interested in Java because it has to deal with servers and it's the basis for android, which is the platform I would like to make apps for.

liltaco (199)

MS Visual C++ .NET is really not a good platform, Microsoft is aiming for you to use C# instead. Java has been used for quite some time and it will stay relevant for long enough, thanks to Android and many big projects using Java.
I'd say you should go for Java.

BTW: The syntax of Java is really C-like, just like most programming languages. That means once you've learned one of the syntaxes, the syntax of the other programming language is very similar.

GavHern (81)

C++ is used a lot more than Java but if you want to learn Java I'd go for it.