Java program ends before printing all the results
leeappelbaum (0)

I am running a simulation that prints results after each iteration. If I run 100 iterations, I may see anywhere from 40 to 75 results printed to the output window - it's different every time. When I copied-pasted into BlueJ, all the output was printed. I am running on a Macbook Pro under Chrome, Safari and Firefox, all with the same results. Adding a loop at the end to print one million nulls succeeds in writing the real data, but I would like to avoid such a kludge. Thank you.

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JustARatherRidi (194)

@leeappelbaum I tried the million prints, the sleep, both of them, and neither of them, everything seems to work perfectly. And your specs seem more than enough to handle something like this, so you might want to put this one on