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TristinKeenan (0)

Does anybody have any clue on what to do for a 'camera' in game that move with the player, as well as the player having a 360 degree view, and can move via W|A|S|D ?

mwilki7 (653)

Are you talking 3D kind of 360 degree view? Or a circular viewport on 2D Canvas?
The second one shouldn't be too difficult to figure out but I might require some intense googling for 3D.

TristinKeenan (0)

@mwilki7 , I am indeed talkiung about a 3D camera. The camera is made, I just need the code in order for it to rotate, and/or move as an object.

a5rocks (576)

ummmm... lol sry no, but I recommend starting with a framework before moving to something you yourself make.