What are the capabilities of what I can do with Python and how do I further my understanding?
John_WardWard (324)


So far, at school, we've been learning python with Turtle, but I've seen also people do so much stuff on regular python. I want to do something a bit more advanced and start to makes some bigger projects, most preferably on regular python. Does anyone know how to do this? On python I basically have got through 50% of the Codecademy course, and know how to do maths and other basic functions like


if x%0==0:

However, this feels quite basic and I would like to push my understanding on further! Does anybody have any suggestions, or maybe give me an idea for a project I could make where I could possibly pick up a bit of python. Codecademy is OK, but like many , I prefer to learn by practically implementing skills.

Thank you.
John_WardWard :)
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theangryepicbanana (1670)

@John_WardWard If you already know Python, I'd recommend Ruby or CoffeeScript, as they both share some features, and also add new ones.