How would I go about bypassing webfilters to access Restricted educational sites?
PastaManno (1)

Despite my best efforts, my school system- GoGuardian- does not know how to tell educational sites from malicious and or fake game websites like coolmaths. In turn, this leads it to block almost every site I go to. I would like to bypass this restriction and/ or remove goguardian altogether via coding. But the problem is, I'm a less than novice coder that needs help every ten seconds. Which is why i'm asking here. Is there a way?

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Answered by JordanDixon1 (350) [earned 5 cycles]
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AdCharity (1315)

@JordanDixon1 @PastaManno I am the creator of NovaHaven. You can access its full capabilities at this post:
Seriously though it won't unblock discord (they have too many protections + its a server). Nova haven can only deal mostly with static sites. If anyone can increase its capabilities, contact me (but I'm kinda done maintaining it)
BTW: IF YOU DON'T READ THE ENTIRE POST YOU WON'T GET IT. It is protected by a bookmarklet and localstorage in case admins without the key check the site.
BTW2: the herokuap version is also mine; it is a node unblocker developed by nathan (I just deployed it). Use the actual nova haven I developed - it has a load of more s***.
BTW3: y the hell are you people not sourcing me tho and getting cycles for it....