Just starting out - but Repl.it wont load my code
CrimsonFox (0)


I had a coding class today and now I am home and trying to replicate what I learnt at my home computer but after l;ogging in, the message i get on the far-right window is (see screenshot):

The webpage at https://replbox.repl.it/public/secure/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

What am I doing wrong? Also pasting the simple code below:
var list = new Array();

function mousePressed()

function setup()

function draw()

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eankeen (653)

Oh no! Does it still not work? It wouldn't be your code that would be causing that problem - there's probably something wrong with replit instead.

Maybe try changing the http:// in your address bar to https://. It could be failing to load because you're on an "unsecure" connection.