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Keyboard shortcuts when marking
MDellow (2)

Let's say that as a teacher I need to mark 30 assignments. As I am marking these it would be brilliant if I could make use of a keyboard shortcut to 'mark complete' and to navigate to the previous/next submission. Is this possible?


It’s can possible so the developers can add it.

a5rocks (788)

Try posting to :)

Then you can suggest keyboard shortcuts such as ctrl+left arrow, or ctrl+right arrow, etc.

MDellow (2)

@a5rocks Thanks, i tried this back in Jan but no reply, thanks anyhow

ReshiramWolfu (82)

If you are using word, then you can create your own shortcuts. I made slashes turn to a tick
However, i don't know which thing you are using yet, so i cannot really help

MDellow (2)

@ReshiramWolfu Thanks for your reply...So when I am marking 30 of my students' submissions I comment on their work. I then have to use the mouse to click 'mark complete' and then click '>' to move to the next student. My marking would be so much quicker if offered keyboard short cuts to control this instead.

ReshiramWolfu (82)

@MDellow Oh, ok. Sorry but i have no idea how to do this. I don't use for anything other than myself.