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Does anyone know a simple and easy way to create a Log In page I´m looking for something basic just so I can present for class

a5rocks (515)

The html should look something like this:

<form action="/login">
  <input type="text" placeholder="username">
  <input type="password" placeholder="password">
  <input type="submit">

which will send a GET request to YOUR_URL/login?username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD

bossotron13 (22)

Why u no do it your self

algore (10)

PHP is the easiest way to do it for a website, you are going to need an SQL database, Web Server, and PHP. here is a simple one I made a while back here is a very nice tutorial.


No, but I can guess that your probably going to be using html. @K1NGBOSS

Masy (21)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL you can use other languages as well


Check your email in a moment. @Masy