Language “sight range”?
Highwayman (1439)

I have no idea how to say this.

In c++, I know everything all the time within reason about my variables.
I know the size of them, I can look at individual bytes or bits, I can find out it’s address, I can find out what type it is even though I already always know what type it is, I can know anything.

And then I go to some language like JavaScript, and all they have is a var.
I have no idea what the var is. I don’t know how big it is, what address it has, what type it is, whether it’s even still a regular variable and not a function... terribly confusing. Almost as bad as template functions in c++.

My point here is actually to ask how deeply I can look into variables and objects in specifically Python. Can you know something’s address? Can you know their type? Can you know their size? And finally how does type casting work in Python. What is happening when I say int(obj)?

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Answered by pyelias (1946) [earned 5 cycles]
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Highwayman (1439)

@pyelias thank you! That was exactly what I was asking for.