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benjaminapp (3)

How did you all learn to programme?

I've become very comfortable with HTML & CSS and now would like to build some projects but unsure how to 'level up' my skills.

In terms of JS, HTML and CSS, would anyone recommend some books that provide invaluable knowledge?

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Answered by eankeen (997) [earned 5 cycles]
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eankeen (997)

@benjaminapp yah! i think i've been programming for around 1.5 to 2 years now? i kind of lost track. i started with java when taking a computer science course at school. near the end of that semester, i spent all my available free time learning frontend web development, starting as a total beginner, to code a particular (javascript) single page application by using the popular javascript frameworks and tooling. i burned through the summer coding that thing, working 18 hours a day on average. its been maybe a year since then and now i'm actually sort of getting sleep. right now, i'm taking a deep dive into system administration, development operations, and related topics to expand my knowledge further.

my biggest advice is to take breaks, and get sleep :) learn what you are curious about and learn why things work, not just how things work. :)