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benjaminapp (3)

How did you all learn to programme?

I've become very comfortable with HTML & CSS and now would like to build some projects but unsure how to 'level up' my skills.

In terms of JS, HTML and CSS, would anyone recommend some books that provide invaluable knowledge?

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Answered by eankeen (999) [earned 5 cycles]
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eankeen (999)

@benjaminapp :) i havent heard of any such golden rules - i personally have a hard time giving advice that would work for most people, but i would generally suggest reading other peoples code and note how they solved the problem. for example, i was using electron (javascript framework) to build a particular app. because i had no experience, i browsed their apps page, and looked at the source code for the apps to get an idea of how to start. watching videos on how to implement a particular piece of technology (that you may be using for your airbnb-like marketplace) really helped me when i was starting out also.

an app like the airbnb marketplace you mentioned has a lot of moving parts. for example, you may need some code to manage the website or app, the backend server, the database, or other infrastructure. not sure how exactly may be planning to go about it, but i would focus on one thing first when starting out.

And as for the math part, I would say you can get quite far without understanding too much math. More often then not, there are libraries that abstract away the math-heavy details so you can just work on the implementation rather than the low-level math details.

yah, glad to be helping out :)