I am teaching..
Codeteacher (36)

Hi everyone,

I am making a team where I teach coding!

Languges I Can/will Teach:

1. python
2. html
3. CSS
4. JS/node.js
5. java


If you are a coder, and you didnt code in our team, within 24hrs we will remove you!

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Codeteacher (36)

Lets Code!

@NDLFOREVER , @amaddentcsec , @LTI2 , @Leroy01010 @ShikharVerma1 @Wilke000
@Pelikan760 , @JosephSanthosh , @Lethdev2019 , @hendryxu ,

We will be starting our class now!

Go to the getting started repl

if you are not available ping me bellow.

EpicGamer007 (801)

@Lethdev2019, where is the link to the lesson? And I will not be online now, sorry, i may be online in a few hours

EpicGamer007 (801)

@Lethdev2019, you know what, i think I will quit it, I am just making it so that you have to call on me, I will leave the team now. Thanks for the other lessons though!

Codeteacher (36)

umm, I think we might have to discontinue the teaching. Cause its not working out for anyone @Lethdev2019

Lethdev2019 (200)

also - i am in nomad chat. @Codeteacher