Link code doesn't work properly!
Divy07 (0)

Code works just fine in the compiler but when i copy the URL and run it in other window, "attempts count" doesn't show up. Please help this is my first project with C++.

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SPQR (524)

I think the problem is that the repl exits before the program has time to output the number of attempts. Putting a for loop that counts up to 100000 or so might help, or you could #include <unistd.h> and usleep(10000) to add enough of a pause in the end of the program to give it time to work.
EDIT: if neither of those do it for you, try using larger numbers for the delay :)

This is as far as I know a only issue, so don't be discouraged from c++ by thinking it will do this on any machine. :)