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Login System
AHulot (44)

Does anyone know how to create a login/sign up system that saves the user's data?

WilliamPenrod (39)

I'm assuming you want to integrate it into an existing HTML pased page?
Like you want to have js client side and python server side?

AHulot (44)

I'm sorry but I don't get it. Can you explain?

SkyyCivil (120)

Hey guys I have a hero legends game that I made...
it saves progress too.

AHulot (44)

I had a look but how would I use it in my game? What's pickle by the way?

Zavexeon (1052)

@DJTYLER Be polite and as for your other post, advertising on isn't allowed, sorry.

(Both your message and post have been deleted)

Highwayman (1395)

Is it extremely complicated data? If not, then probably not a bad idea to use SQLite. What language?

AHulot (44)

@Highwayman : I use python. I don't think it is that complicated. Btw, what is SQLite?

Highwayman (1395)

@AHulot not sure how to explain SQLite, because I don’t really use it BUT
here is a link from a post not long ago that teaches you how to use, I think MySQL? It’s around the same thing, but MySQL is probably a little bit stricter or something?? Here it is.

Oops, sorry that’s not a way to sign into stuff, that’s a way of saving stuff! Sorry. Either way, it is going to be helpful I’d think

AHulot (44)

@Highwayman : Ok, I'll look at them in my spare time :)

Vandesm14 (2434)

@Highwayman I don't think SQL works on because their files do not update programmatically unless you have the IDE open at all times.

SkyyCivil (120)

@AHulot check out my hero legends code
there are also lots of hero legends on repl talk
im not an expert with python...
only in C.

SkyyCivil (120)

Hey highwayman!
thanks for the advice on time.h
it really helps
i just have to find out how to put it in my code!

SkullCode (1)

There is a way to but I know very little. I think it involves forking the game to make a save system.

AHulot (44)

@SkullCode : ok I'll look into it

Yuahde (48)

@AHulot my friend @SkyyCivil made a program in PYTHON that saved progress to our accounts from our game. u could use auto save or manual save