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Looking for a coding group
Rileygamer21 (35)

I'm looking for people to code with in a code group thing because coding alone is boring. If you would like to join then leave a comment. (edit) all programing ideas and chat will go here

Rileygamer21 (35)

@MatthewDoan1 Pygame, python and javascript/html

Highwayman (1393)

@Rileygamer21 aw. I don’t know any of those 😞 oh well.

firefish (779)

@MatthewDoan1 I know a bit of python and javascript/html

vuadiw (3)

Make a discord group.😞😞😞

Rileygamer21 (35)

@vuadiw Sadly I can't make a discord group because I normally like to use my school computer and discord is blocked on it, is there any other site that I might be able to use instead of discord?

Andi_Chin (220)

how about you make a repl and share it with us and we can talk on there

Rileygamer21 (35)

@Andi_Chin I had that set up but then I found twist its alot like discord you can join the group here

Rileygamer21 (35)

@Andi_Chin we can even make are own bot for it :D

MatthewDoan1 (328)

Sure, I might have some time; I'm familiar with JS, HTML, and python.

Andi_Chin (220)

I would join, I'm fairly familiar with pygame and JS :)

3465728974563 (50)

I'll join. The coding languages I know are python, pygame, html/c++ and java, although I need a serious refresher on html and c++ and I hardly know very much java, but I am good with python and pygame.

XanderKleiber (20)

I know some Python. May I be of service?

FreyHere (1)

Actually a great idea!

TristanMisja (35)

Can I join? All my friends think programming is boring and have no clue how to do it :/ Also I know a lot of Html, CSS, and Python