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Looking for someone to work on a game with for the Jam (C++, SFML library)
SPQR (533)

Hoping to work together w. someone on this, I'm already putting all my spare time into this, but with school and social stuff, I can only get so much done in a month. If this game manages to win the game jam, anyone who helps me out will get a share of the BTC proportionate to how much of a contribution they made (I'll be fair, but we can get the staff fellows to distribute it to us fairly if need be.)
Reply to this if you're interested.
(The game you see before you has been created entirely by me after the jam was announced, so imagine what two or more people could do in a month)

katyadee (1221)

Hey! Are you on our Discord server ( We have a matchmaking channel.

SPQR (533)

@KatyaDelaney I am, but I don't have access to Discord atm (I only have a Chromebook right now)

katyadee (1221)

@SPQR You can run it in a browser, if you want!

SPQR (533)

@KatyaDelaney It's a school chromebook and Discord is blocked ): (I could try opening it on the firefox repl, but if the school found out that i can do that, this whole site would be blocked, and i don't want to take the risk)

Sparkster (44)

Same, I am one an School Ipad that has a keyboard attached to [email protected]