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Looking to solve "No Module Found MySQLdb"
eouKaupFred (0)

I have a project that is working as expected in my local build. I am attempting to get it running on but I am getting No Module Found MySQLdb, to solve this on my local build I had to run "pip install mysqlclient" doing this in fails.

I have also attempted to do this through the package search function in mysqlclient exists there but fails when you try to add it. The error I get is "OSError: mysql_config not found"

any assistance in getting around this issue would be greatly appreciated

ash15khng (678)

You could try installing mysql_config?

eouKaupFred (0)

@ash15khng sorry new to both, flask, and python. So kind of a bone head at the moment. is that something i can install? i looked in package install and by the name guessing it is not a package. how do i do that the only think I could guess at is pip install mysql_config
if that is it i will laugh cause that just seems to simple. I will try it, but my guess is it is not right and hoping you can give me the correct way.

Attempted to install mysql_config using pip as expected no good and it is not in the package installer