Why do the terminal fail? It doesn't start my code which normally works flawlessly locally.
EmrePython (9)

Hi, I am new in this lovely site, I wrote a simple English Dictionary app. I'm supposed to show this code to my classmates this week during a presentation in class. This code works without a problem in my local computer. But it doesn't work here. First, I thought it is about the json file which contains the dictionary. But it must be something else. I get a exit status 127 error in the terminal.

Could a friend check the link or give me a tip about this exit code error? Thank you very much.

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leon332157 (217)

Looks like there isn’t a main.py file to run. In a repl u need a file called main.py to start the program.

EmrePython (9)

Thank you very much dear friend @leon332157 I'll try to form a main.py file then. Thank you, I appreciate

EmrePython (9)

@leon332157 My friend, I renamed it as main.py, but now I get an error in the terminal saying:"
'run' isn't configured in the .replit file
try adding 'run = "echo hello word"' to .replit"

Is there a reason to write Hello World in the terminal:), yes I know it is not, but the instruction seem a bit "lack of some details" for a beginner like me :)
Anyway I'll keep working on a solution.