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TheRealAdam (2)

I found while looking for a place to learn Lua. Learned a bit but need more resources. Is there anything in or another site that can help me learn Lua? (BTW I am learning HTML and related code here too)

Answered by Edgod (58) [earned 5 cycles]
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Edgod (58)

There are many resources and tutorial websites you can use. If you are a total beginner, you can read the official Lua manual:

TheRealAdam (2)

@quockhanh Dude I am finishing middle school. If you really look for it, there are some devs in ROBLOX that use the money they make from games to pay their college tution.

quockhanh (5)

Roblox 9 years old kid ?
Nah i am just kidding

TheRealAdam (2)

@Edgod Thanks. Thing is usually everything is part of a series and you have to find everything. Anyways, thanks!