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Maze-A-Mortis Ideas
Muffinlavania (1444)

So this is the start of an RPG that I am going to be making, called Mazeamortis.It's not an actual maze, but it's going to be have stuff like the walls closing in at random times. Your goal is to reach the huge tower at the center of the maze, and save Mortis from the main enemy, before the main enemy takes over the world! Mortis is the only person who can break the main enemy's spell and save the Earth! But, the "maze" is littered with many different scecenos you have to overcome!

My question is, can anyone give me some ideas of what can be in the "maze"? It can basically be anything, like some traps, enemies, etc. Also, you might have realized I said "main enemy" a lot. I don;t know what his name is going to be either. So if anyone would like to give suggestions for the main enemy's name that would be good too! Thanks! :D

Answered by Bookie0 (5668) [earned 5 cycles]
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Bookie0 (5668)

Some ideas could be boss fights, more usual little fights, traps, parts where you can make a friend, very painful decisions (like sharing food, or killing friends), also a part where you find weapons or loot, maybe even a contest where you have to type a word as fast as possible.
Hope this helps and good luck!

Muffinlavania (1444)

@Bookie0 Woah im copy pasting this into a .env file if you dont mind, but can you give some specific ideas, like a Goblin fight or something?
Thanks for the ideas!!!!

Bookie0 (5668)

Ok. Maybe a trap could be like asking the user if they want to open a box or not, and if they do, they explode maybe bc is a trap.
Another specific idea could be Saving an animal you find, or not wasting your energy and not saving it.
Another one: share your food with someone (but you dont have much left) but if you do, turns out they have good loot, and they become friends.
Also maybe when you fight people, make a random power boost, so it’ll randomly appear. And the power boost is like you have to type several letters in a limited amount of time.

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Muffinlavania (1444)

@Bookie0 Ok Cycles for you! And also thanks for the ideas!!!

Muffinlavania (1444)

Even though i marked @Bookie0 as the cycle winner, i am totally open for more ideas

squidcoder (82)

you should be able to "enchant" your weapons or something. idk

Muffinlavania (1444)


Pepper100 (10)

The enemy could be called, The A-Maze-ing Villian. Hope your game does well! :)