Mobile App?
Wilmor21 (70)

What do you think about making a mobile app for repl. There are very few functioning IDE apps that allow you to install packages as well.

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TheKevinGibbons (0)

@amasad also late to the party, but agree with @Wilmor21 that Pythonista is my current favorite. Improvements to Pythonista I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Ability to run pip from a command line
  • Ability to use frameworks, i.e. Flask, and launch localhosts
  • Modify the keyboard - it's awesome that they put common Python symbols like colon, brackets, etc at the top of the alphabetical keyboard for easy access, would be even better if you could customize it.
  • Better error and warning highlighting/UI in general
  • This sounds silly, but a set of left/right arrow buttons somewhere on or near the keyboard that move the cursor one character to either direction would be very nice. On iOS at least, you have to long press and drag to move the cursor exactly where you want it (usually in the middle of a variable name)
  • On-screen shortcuts or configurable tap-style shortcuts for copy and paste.