Can we make a new Programming Language

Hello friends, I know this is weird but Let me just Say it.
Is it actually possible to create a new programming Language like C++ and other. I saw Go( A language made by Google). So is it actually possible, I know it is not within my reach but if the whole team of comes together,it is possible. Just a suggestion to start a new project. I found a few videos on YouTube and got inspired though nothing went in my head 😩


I have no idea about it just an inspiration.😃

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Highwayman (1316)

@MrHackman I agree with @CaptainAnon , ya’ll definitely should think about how your lang will stand out + all those other specifications.

Nice think tank you got going here by the way :P

Let’s make a small list of things we have discussed so far in the thread about programming languages.
1) true speed (idk - eh)
2) portable "compiled" results (byte code - coolio)
3) efficient concurrency (goroutines - noice)
4) general ease of use (python/go - yee)
5) nothing else.(at least that I’ve seen)

Of these so far, what is it ya’ll want the most? What else do you guys like about other languages? What things do you guys hate about other languages?