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Multiple operators
Baconman321 (81)

I could use some help with this. I have it set up so you can only input 2 numbers. I would like to have it so you could input something like 5+5 instead of having to say first number=5 and second number=5, then make the operation add. I tried putting this into a variable and printing it, but it only printed 5+5, instead of the result=10. Can I get some help with this? Thanks.

theangryepicbanana (1628)

I haven't used PHP before, but I'm sure you could do something using regex

Baconman321 (81)

@theangryepicbanana Could you explain to me what regex is and how to use it?

Baconman321 (81)

@Giothecoder yes but how would I use that in php? Like what would I write down?

Giothecoder (130)


Regular expressions in PHP
preg_match – this function is used to perform a pattern match on a string. It returns true if a match is found and false if a match is not found. preg_replace – this function is used to perform a pattern match on a string and then replace the match with the specified text.

That should help idk.

Baconman321 (81)

@Giothecoder Can you break it down, since I do not understand this at all?

Baconman321 (81)

@theangryepicbanana Thanks so much, I get it now. However, how does that help me with operators. I need to have the variables understand operators in a string, not find or replace them.

theangryepicbanana (1628)

@Baconman321 well if you use capture groups (a(.)c), then you can just use the values from the matched groups. I'm not sure how it works in PHP, but it shouldn't be too difficult

Baconman321 (81)

@theangryepicbanana So exactly how would I do this? Like in an expression. Replace +,/,*, or - I find and add it to the variable?

theangryepicbanana (1628)

@Baconman321 basically if you were to match the input 1 + 2 with the regex \s*([\+\-]?\d+)\s*([\+\-\*\/])\s*([\+\-]\d+)\s*, you would get 1 as the first group, + as the second group, and then 3 as the third group.

malvoliothegood (727)

You could use the PHP explode function. I have not tried out this code, but it should work:

// $data's value is sent through via a form...
$data = "12 + 10";
// $first is "12", $second is "10", $op is "+"
// Split string up using the space character
list($first, $op, $second) = explode(" ", $data);
// Convert number strings to floats (decimals) and reassign to
// variables
$first = floatval($first);
$second = floatval($second);
$result = NULL;
switch($op) {
  case "+": $result = $first + $second;
  case "-": $result = $first - $second;
  case "*": $result = $first * $second;
  case "/": $result = $first / $second;
  default: echo "Incorrect operator. Try again...";
if ($result != NULL) {
  echo "The result is: $result";