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Music you guys listen to
JSer (245)

Do you regularly listen to music? If so, what genres and artists of music?

JSer (245)

For me it's electro, NCS and game soundtracks. I used to love pop rock music but now I don't.

Favorite electro artist? TheFatRat:
(He got a lot less attention than he should.)

theangryepicbanana (1629)

@JSer yes you have seen the light my friend


@theangryepicbanana Omg yessssssss thefatrat


I like bands like Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy

XavierDD (90)

I listen to rock, edm, and other electric type music.

Band that I like:
Linkin Park,
Baby Metal
Marshmello (If thats how its spelled)
My Chemical Romance
Panic! At the Disco
The Fat Rat
The Offspring
Three Days Grace
(Like all of the vocaloid songs)

hayaodeh (187)

I listen and I follow different music. But Rap speaks to me the most.
1- Eminem is def one of my favorites, he is talented and he raps like no other, JayZ as well. Sometimes I listen to trending rap like Drake and Future.
I like electric music and remixes, house music is something I like, deadmou5 one of my top fav.

I like diverse music as well, sometimes I listen to Japanese or Latin music, french rap, rai music. I also listen to middle eastern tracks as well.


@ChandlerMorell Twenty One Pilots is better

hayaodeh (187)

@IEATPYTHON I think it depends on who speaks to you after all. I like their music but I don't play them often.

hayaodeh (187)

@ChandlerMorell yeah I like almost all his music. Revival was below expectations I think that's why he came back with kamikaze real quick.

ChandlerMorell (76)

@hayaodeh I agree. I do like that River song though. I just can't help but love what he puts out. Even Revival. I can admit it's not his best work though.


@hayaodeh That is true

XavierDD (90)

@hayaodeh deadmau5 is nice I like some of his older songs like HaxPigMeow.

hayaodeh (187)

@IEATPYTHON I did not know they have dropped a new album. what do you think of it?

hayaodeh (187)

@ChandlerMorell have you checked their new album? what's your favorite track? I'm listening to it now

ChandlerMorell (76)

@hayaodeh It's all so good, but I'm really liking Jumpsuit.

hayaodeh (187)

@ChandlerMorell after listening to the album over and over I agree, that is my fav track in the album

nsedler (21)

I mainly listen to rock, but I also like some rap.

Some rock bands I enjoy are:
Pearl Jam
Blink 182
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd

And some rappers I enjoy are:
Mac Miller
Beastie Boys

hayaodeh (187)

@894238 RIP Mac Miller 🙏🏼I like old school rap as well, like 2pac and the Notorious Big

Fhillis (33)

I listen to a strange mixture of most everything except country and hip-hop (or rap, whatever you call it)
I like Young The Giant
I like Vocaloid
I like Switchfoot
I like Supercell
I like Mutemath
I like The Shins
and this list is getting long

Fhillis (33)

essentially jpop, but they've got some fun stuff like kimi no shirinai monogatari, sayonara memories, and my dearest

Fhillis (33)

@BrianArias I just like what I like, if you wish to speak to me about it, kindly initiate conversation over a nice glass of tea or something.

minermaniac447 (249)

@Fhillis Oh I thought you meant Supercell as in the company that made Clash Royale/Clash of Clans/etc. and I was like 'They make music!?'

Fhillis (33)

@minermaniac447 I get that often, I usually refer to them as ryo/supercell (because ryo is the most prominent member)

theangryepicbanana (1629)

I listen a wide variety of electronic music genres includeing Glitch Hop, Melodic Dubstep, and Progressive House.

Babbel (62)

Mostly ncs, babymetal (japanese kawaii metal band), anime openings and endings, two steps from hell, and game soundtracks

Fhillis (33)

@Babbel that's some good stuff

Babbel (62)

@XavierDD my neighbours too. Probably. Because they listen to babymetal every day :P


I listen to pop, rap and Alt. I like:

+Ariana Grande

+Rae Morris

+Travis Scott


+Bring Me The Horizon



And that's about it. My favorite song right now is nihilist blues (feat. Grimes) by Bring Me The Horizon, off their album amo. (

bonji (1)

Sorry, i only listen to true artists like beethoven and XXXTENTACION, they're true music genisis. Have A nice day :) #riseandgrindgamers #music #letmeseemykids

CarolineZ (3)

Yes, I most certainly do. I usually listen to electronic or just random themes from anime, mostly when i'm bored.
The FatRat
Porter Robinson
Music from My Hero Academia

minermaniac447 (249)
  • KJ52
  • Tobymac
  • NF
  • Savant
  • EDM in general
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Breakmaster Cylinder
WilliamPledger (2)

I love some Mozart with a little MC Mental over the top

Zavexeon (1028)

I'm into indie rock and alt. rock.

My fav band and album:

I listen to some electronic as well, Daft Punk mostly. Bob Moses is good too, this is my fav.

I listen to a very small selection of rap. @hayaodeh, check out "Take Me to Your Leader" by ¡MAYDAY!. Not sure if it's the rap you like but it's my favorite.

wuyongzhi (0)

yes, yesterday once more ~~

James_Mowbray (0)

i listen to the oof soundtrack

robloxyoutube73 (0)

Electric, Calm Electric , Calm , NCS

hatef (0)

Hello friends.
How can we run Jframe programs on repl java.
Thanks for your help

shra12 (0)

i think i love almost all the genres of music. but rap speaks with me the most, i love rapper and how they write the lyrics.

TravisWray (0)

How would you respond to a person that listens to an odd variety?
(Mainly music in games, trap, and always instrumental-- Little to no vocals)

jirachi123 (0)

@TravisWray Pretty much what I do, I don't really think its that odd.

HappyFakeboulde (223)

Lots of things, currently mainly Bill Wurtz.
See all the other things at
(don't judge me plz)

HarperframeInc (342)

I love all kinds of music, but I love music made out of sounds.
Made out of Memes -
Made out of Nature -

There are so many kinds!

The links send you to songs of the favorite artists that do that.

Jackkiedyk (0)


iconick (2)

I LIVE for tove lo and Avril Lavigne.

tristanbeedell (41)

Tool and Karnivool.
prog metal.
it's beautiful.

also: Slipknot, SOAD and Korn
for heavy stuff

And some funky-jazz idek;


My favorite artist is lemaitre it is top quality music

They are so underated

I also like BTS

DanielSchumache (26)

I mainly listen to a group called, SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ. I mainly listen to the most popular member, BONES. His music label is where the 'SESH' part of the name comes from. He makes a wide variety of music: Emo Rap, Hip-Hop, Screamo, Rock, Pop, etc.