Music you guys listen to
JSer (1118)

Do you regularly listen to music? If so, what genres and artists of music?

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Fhillis (32)

I listen to a strange mixture of most everything except country and hip-hop (or rap, whatever you call it)
I like Young The Giant
I like Vocaloid
I like Switchfoot
I like Supercell
I like Mutemath
I like The Shins
and this list is getting long

Fhillis (32)

essentially jpop, but they've got some fun stuff like kimi no shirinai monogatari, sayonara memories, and my dearest

Fhillis (32)

@BrianArias I just like what I like, if you wish to speak to me about it, kindly initiate conversation over a nice glass of tea or something.

minermaniac447 (175)

@Fhillis Oh I thought you meant Supercell as in the company that made Clash Royale/Clash of Clans/etc. and I was like 'They make music!?'

Fhillis (32)

@minermaniac447 I get that often, I usually refer to them as ryo/supercell (because ryo is the most prominent member)