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My code isn't syncing with console until I reload the page...
DomminicMayer (1)

I'm using python in I press run but it only syncs with the code when I refresh the page, it will only use code from my last refresh.

a5rocks (809)

Try becoming an explorer (or un-becoming an explorer if you already are one)? Also, try reporting on

mat1 (3517)

Hmm, can you please post a link to your repl?

timmy_i_chen (1132)

Yes, please share a repl link with us so we can help you further.

Pythonier (314)

It must be a problem with your computer.

DomminicMayer (1)

@Pythonier using it in the browser tho..

Pythonier (314)

@DomminicMayer Then it is probably a problem with replit.