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My friend told me to put an ask post to "unban him"
AlexanderTarn (270)

Apparently when I made my egg post he made 5 alt accounts and made them upvote my egg post. Neither him nor I had any idea that it will lock it. I told him not to do it but he did it anyway. So you can choose to unban him or not, but can you please unlock my post? Thanks.

mat1 (3443)

Using alternate accounts to upvote your post is against the rules so the post will likely stay locked. Also at the moment we have no way of manually removing upvotes either (I've asked the admins for this multiple times).

AlexanderTarn (270)

@mat1 to be fair those weren't my alt accounts those where my friends

Grify (166)

@AlexanderTarn There's no way to confirm that, and the cycles were illegitimate