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My website (if not all) keeps unloading, how to keep running?

I see this happen when no one uses the website for an amount of time. This causes wait times for the next user to get to the website, and I wish not for that to happen. I run my website with Python 3 Flask and every time the website is unloaded, then reloaded, the entire script runs through again, resetting almost everything.

How do I keep my website continuously running all the time?

Answered by a5rocks (774) [earned 5 cycles]
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a5rocks (774)

1) This happens because repl doesn't keep everything online all the time, after a while of no requests, it turns off your repl
2) You can use something like UpTimeRobot (here known as UTR) to keep your repl online by not letting there be any times where nobody is visiting
3) Even then, your repl will shut down whenever updates things, etc., but it will be better.


@a5rocks How often are the updates? I'd be fine if it updated at least once a day, not every hour.

a5rocks (774)

@SUPERMECHM500 Not that often, I would say less than once every day, though I can't say for sure.