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Need to delete a previous which is anonymous
suchitasingh (1)

Hi community,
I had previously created an url to check my php code. After completing my work, i forgot to delete it and it is now showing as an anonymous link. I need to delete it as soon as possible due to security reasons. It is really urgent that i need to pull it down from repl.
Can anything be done... Please i need your help.
Thanks in Advance

Vandesm14 (2326)

Send an email to [email protected] and they will take down the repl. Make sure to provide them with the repl url you want to be taken down. (You might need proof that it's yours as well)

suchitasingh (1)

thanks for the [email protected] the only problem is that the url does not contain my username, it is under the anonymous domain because my account was not paid. But if the timestamp can be checked, they will find that i had written the code.
Can i ask you one more question, i have send [email protected] 2 mails but there hasnt been any reply. Not even an automated response. Do you know why?

ash15khng (685)

@suchitasingh It may be because there are actual people running the email and it takes a while to reply to the many emails they get? (I'm not actually sure if there are actual people reading every email)