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RianScott (5)

I am a high school student, I was wondering if anyone would not mind. Tutoring me in python or if you wouldn't mind to teach me some of it

AllAwesome497 (335)

Idk. The best thing to do is when u learn something new, be creative and make your own version to see how it could be used in other ways. If I didn't delete most of them, I'd have have hundreds of files where i just did my own side tasks to see how to do that specific thing.

Some good places to search/ask for help:
1) I (along with other helpers) will get pinged in discord if somone posts something in and I am happy to help (although the bot might be a little slow)
2) (plenty of programmer memes about the op stackoverflow)
3) W3 schools (sometimes)
4) Tutorialspoint, an actual guide for learning coding languages might work as a tutor if it doesn't bore you to death

Most of all though, have fun, and don't over work yourself.
Keep up the good work ;)

ArchieMaclean (830)

@AllAwesome497 ikr about tutorialspoint, I tried to learn Java off of it.

ItsEmpCs (39)

Go to learn and teach and someone will have assignments with the answer code.

themaka (184)

@RianScott - one of our regular contributors, @PaoloAmoroso, has created a list of free python books:

CaptainAnon (127)

Allen B. Downey has published a set of introductory computer science books (in Python).
Think Python 2e
Modelling and Simulation (more mathy)
Other books