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RianScott (5)

What should I know in order to fully understand python, Such as syntax and all that fun stuff

AllAwesome497 (335)

Have fun with it. when u learn something new, think of annother way u could use it, do more than what the tutorial says. customize it.

Steven_The_GuyT (235)

You can join a python coding club or class and learn python! You can also explore the internet, and learn there. There are many ways to learn, you must have to put your mind to it!

RianScott (5)

@Steven_The_GuyT i started your class but im stuck xd ty
for the class

Steven_The_GuyT (235)

@RianScott oh lol i'll try to help you

Steven_The_GuyT (235)

@RianScott Yeah, you need to add ''' on the line before you write print('\''). Sorry!

Steven_The_GuyT (235)

You could join my python classroom! I'm working on it right now, and there will be many more assignments to do! Here is the link:

nithilan4 (245)

Join the Book Club! Coming soon.


To make sure you understand python best, I can't stress practice enough. As overused and corny as it may seem, finishing a couple of lessons and then creating a program that makes use of them is really helpful, especially when getting into functions and lists. It helped me out a lot, and it reinforced my understanding and confidence in coding ten-fold.

Above all, maintain your enthusiasm and passion, and have fun too. Good luck!

pyelias (1651)

(roughly in order of importance)

  • standard library
  • control flow
  • functions
  • generators & itertools
  • context managers, with ... as ...
  • classes & protocols
  • modules & packages
  • async
  • descriptors
  • decorators
  • classes as objects, metaclasses
  • multiple inheritance, MRO resolution
  • internals (bytecode, CPython source, etc)
  • ctypes & C extensions
    I wrote up a tutorial/explanation of some of these things here, but there's probably better resources online.
AmeliaBlackwell (1057)

@pyelias woah this has made me realise how little I know about python

ebest (635)

@pyelias What's Python? What's Life? Is it... 42?


Murzikal (22)

learn most basic functions (print, input, etc.)

sjr04 (0)

Variables, functions, commenting, and all the datatypes such as string ("str"), int, etc.

I can teach you some basics if you really want.

RianScott (5)

@sjr04 yes plz im new but i really want to learn how to code

RianScott (5)

I was also wondering if anyone wouldn't mind mabye being my tutor or mentor for python.
Also does anyone play never winter xbox one