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RianScott (5)

What should I know in order to fully understand python, Such as syntax and all that fun stuff

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pyelias (1039)

(roughly in order of importance)

  • standard library
  • control flow
  • functions
  • generators & itertools
  • context managers, with ... as ...
  • classes & protocols
  • modules & packages
  • async
  • descriptors
  • decorators
  • classes as objects, metaclasses
  • multiple inheritance, MRO resolution
  • internals (bytecode, CPython source, etc)
  • ctypes & C extensions
    I wrote up a tutorial/explanation of some of these things here, but there's probably better resources online.
AmeliaBlackwell (929)

@pyelias woah this has made me realise how little I know about python

ebest (596)

@pyelias What's Python? What's Life? Is it... 42?