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New To python
RianScott (5)

I want to start coding because I learn by doing. I don't know what to start out in like a small project

zcses (2)

There's a great book called 'Python Crash Course' by Eric Matthes which is really good. It starts from basic concpets and gradually increases in diffculty for more longer/serious programs. Within the book, it has several projects you can do which involve​ the concept learnt it that chapter (the first few are small simple ones). Free pdf link to it:
I would strongly recommend doing the projects as they can be applied to real life situations which make them easier to understand and code. Also if you Google it there are s​ever​al ​answers to the projects too.

TheDrone7 (1324)

Try starting with small apps like console calculator and phone book management system, after that and only after that you could try doing GUI with tkinter or pysimplegui. After that you can learn to make webapps with python using flask or Django, after which you could give discord bots a try, which will eventually lead you to learning database connectivity. And there you have a whole year of learning planned.