New version, click here to reload: Everything gone!
Bartolomeus649 (0)

I just got a pop-up message telling me I should click a link to reload because a new version was available.

And since it said that everything was saved, I clicked the link.

Now everything is gone!!

Is there any way to recover the code?

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eankeen (1000)


so replit has file history - to access it, you must click on the "saved" button on the top of your screen (depicted in the screenshot below)

if you then click on "choose file" within that interface, you may be able to browse to the file you lost information from, and recover that code. if the code is not there, it may not be saved.

hmmm, if the interface said your file was saved, but reloading caused the code to disappear, it may be some sort of bug. if you wish you can file a bug report.

hopefully that helps :)