Nodejs exit after time and files are getting reset
eliyah (1)

i have a nodejs repl that handles my chat program when i quit nodejs normally it saves the data to the file something like [DATA,DATA,DATA] but when the repl has run for a long time its quit (which i hope it dont do) and then it saves like only [] to the file i want the repl to stay awake longer and too SAVE THE FILES.

Here is the repl and why it says backup is for my server before crashed (hosted on too) and i couldn't get it to start so a made a new repl with same code and same issue with saving. Note that I have get same issues with saving on other nodejs servers

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Vandesm14 (1636)

@eliyah I just noticed that your repl is not an Express server, which would make it exit immediately after execution. Just copy the code from into your repl. Then it should work.
(Don't forget to change the monitor url to the link)