Not a coding question (for once)

Hi everybody, it's me again. Don't worry I'm not going to bother you about codes that I find really difficult (yet), I'm just honestly curious about something. Has anyone else noticed that most of the time when you think you have to write a giant code, and the model solution is like the simplest thing ever? Like, this one time I had to write a code that printed the number directly after the decimal. Any decimal size. My code looked like this:

a = input()
b = a.split(" . ")
c = len(b)
if (c == 2):
c = pop(1)
clo = list(str(c))
ans = clo.pop(0)

And the sample solution was this:

I was so pissed. I was working on this code for two freaking days and it was this simple? Has this ever happened to anyone or does this kind of thing just happen to me?

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21natzil (1106)

What about "12.43".split(".")[1][0]?