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Not boring coding ideas.
Rileymabb (6)

I need some not boring coding ideas. Also here are the languages I use and my skill level with them so you can keep that in mind. Also please keep the ideas not too hard but also keep them not too easy. EDIT: No games please.

EDIT Examples of not boring: Discord bot, an AI that does (something), something that uses a cool API.(I recently started messing around with APIs).


  • python
  • js
  • nodejs


  • Processing(you can run processing code with html on repl) (repl please add real processing)

Not so good:

  • c++ (I recently started learning it so I'm not the best at it)
BlueComet (116)

maybe a tutorial to teach python,js,and node js

BlueComet (116)

battle ship or connect four for, games

Rileymabb (6)

@iterate "EDIT: No games please.", but thanks for trying. T vT

c4syner (77)

I recommend some multiplayer project depending on your knowledge. They're super interesting to program and learn how to build. (websockets, clients, servers etc.) Not exactly a specific project but something cool to work on.

Rileymabb (6)

@c4syner I already made something like that, but thanks.

smuppana060 (15)

An HTML pendulum with option to change things like its size, etc.

DannyIsCoding (690)

-Countdown clock and/or Timer
-Show how to spell out a number in English.
-Story Generator (Based on User input) ( I dont know if this counts as a game :P)
-Binary Search Algorithm
-Greatest Common Divisor Finder
-Check if a number is prime

xxpertHacker (649)

An expression parser and a calculator in Node JavaScript?

How about a new language that is compiled to WASM and/or asm.js?

CodeLongAndPros (1535)
  1. A line editor.
  2. Graph data with matplotlib (I don't think it's boring, but I love graphs, so i'm not the best judge)
  3. Make a app that is a graphical frontend to /bin/dd
CodeLongAndPros (1535)

@Rileymabb Could you give an example of "Not boring"?

Rileymabb (6)

@CodeLongAndPros Finally a good idea, thank you.

Rileymabb (6)

@CodingCactus I forgot to add no games. T vT But also I love the stuff you've made it's so cool.

Jakman (462)

make a simple file and folder system. It should let me make and write into a file. It should let me delete a file. It should let me delete and make a folder. It should list all of the folders and files in the directory. I should be able to get help with the instructions on demand.

Jakman (462)

@Rileymabb it will be fun once you actually start and fix the problems.

Jakman (462)

@Rileymabb develop a mongodb database for whatever u want

Jakman (462)

@Rileymabb mongodb is a module made for making a database. Databases are just bases where a bunch of values are stored. Make one that correlates to user input or something. Someone should be able to put in their name into the database and then it will stay in there for you to see. It will be cool if u made it to where it would show the name of the user after they used the program. This is a fun challenge since you do not know mongodb. aka MongoDatabase