What language?
mkhoi (286)

If you have to stick with 1 programming language forever for everything that you write... What would it be?

Ps: also remember about what language your career needs, your personal favorites... too

And apparently Python and JS are the most popular choices

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liltaco (68)

@Ntechh Rust has a very different fundamental idea to C++. It erased the idea of pointers and memory management and race conditions with its "ownership" model, so it negates the largest problem in C++, memory leakage. Low level access is similar, and I am not saying that Rust is the future, but there's no reason C++ will stay for many years because of its flaws. The problem with C++ libraries is that many of them are dated and while not all are, it's a problem. Also, C++ tooling is subpar, with no well known package manager and single way to use it.